Audrey Capital is an angel investment and research company created by Matt Mullenweg of WordPress to help innovative ideas grow.


2019 Zero CB Fasting made simple.
Balloonr CB Idea meritocracy for teams.
2018 WeFarm CB Farmer-to-farmer digital network.
Telegram CB Best messaging platform.
SIA Scotch Whisky Speyside, Highland, and Islay.
Radar Relay CB Trustless token trading.
Tea Crush Bubbly super herbs and teas.
Censia CB People Intelligence.
YING CB Skill Sharing.
Lagom Kitchen Stealth.
Holey Grail World’s best donuts.
2017 Sonos CB Great audio, everywhere. IPO, 2018.
Indais  Stealth.
Gitlab CB Collaboration and devops. Board observer.
2016 Over CB Fun Photoshop for phone.
2015 Maven CB Digital clinic for women. CB Accommodations for international students.
Ticketbis CB Buy and sell tickets. Sold to eBay, 2016.
Pointy CB Find things in local shops.
Conversio CB Beautiful receipts for eCommerce.
Skipflag  Smart internal knowledge bases.
Wave  Send money to Africa.
Bindle CB Modern-day IRC. RIP.
Electric Objects CB A computer made for art. Sold to Giphy, 2017.
Tzukuri CB Sensory Intelligence. RIP.
Yumi CB Superfood for super babies.
Elysium Health CB Pill that helps DNA repair.
2014 Calm CB Take a moment.
Samovar Tea Most consumed beverage in the world.
NPM CB Node community hub.
Hitch CB Ride together. Sold to Lyft, 2014.
Solano Labs CB Continually integrate. Sold to GE Digital, 2017.
Sense Platform CB Data science platform. Sold to Cloudera, 2016.
Your Mechanic CB No more greasy couches.
Last Guide CB Explore the world. RIP.
Gusto CB Delightful payroll and more.
Stellar CB Future of payments. Advisor.
Caarbon CB On-demand valets.
Hint CB My favorite water.
Hike CB India’s biggest chat app. CB Global student housing.
2013 Bitpay CB Accept bitcoins easily.
August CB Smart locks. Sold to Yale / ASSA ABLOY, 2017.
Wealthfront *  CB Manage money better.
Circa CB Bespoke mobile news. RIP.
Screenhero CB Collaborative screen sharing. Sold to Slack, 2015.
Tilt CB Group fund anything. Sold to Airbnb, 2017.
SmartThings CB Connected home OS. Sold to Samsung, 2014.
Forge CB Gaming clips and videos. Sold to NZXT, 2018.
AngelList CB Funding two-point-oh.
NFC Ring CB NFC at your fingers. Sold, 2017.
Tulip Retail CB Omni-channel retail.
Orion Labs CB Beautiful Wearable Communication.
3D Robotics CB Drones don't run themselves.
Gigit CB Book live music. RIP.
Ring CB Smart doorbell. Sold to Amazon, 2018.
Public Good Software CB Marketplace for civic participation.
Coindesk CB NYT of Bitcoin. Sold to Digital Currency Group, 2016.
2012 Memrise CB Learn something new.
Hipset CB Lil Wayne, Drake, Nas, and Diddy agree. RIP.
RedRover CB Search and discover for parents.
Wantful CB The perfect gift. RIP.
Genius CB Poetry in motion, illuminated. CB Project management is easy.
Onclusive CB PR done better.
Kings County Distillery NYC's oldest whiskey distillery.
VHX CB Video platform for artists. Sold to Vimeo, 2016.
Webshots CB All your photos, all devices.
Earbits CB Commercial-free music discovery.
Blue Bottle Coffee CB Artisan, delicious caffeine. Sold to Nestlé, 2017.
Summly CB Pocket-sized news. Sold to Yahoo, 2013.
BlackJet CB Uber for private jets. RIP.
2011 Creative Market CB Bazaar of creative goods. Sold to Autodesk, 2014.
Livestar CB Find the best. Sold to Pinterest, 2013.
Milk CB Mobile development lab. Sold to Google, 2012.
Getaround CB Social car sharing.
Munchery CB Eat well tonight, in SF. RIP.
2010 WakeMate CB Better sleep through data. RIP.
SendGrid CB Email deliverability as a service. IPO, 2017.
Makerbot CB Open source 3D printer. Sold to Stratasys, 2013.
BranchOut CB LinkedIn on Facebook. Sold to 1-Page, 2014.
Chartbeat CB Real-time web analytics.
Hipmunk CB Better flight search. Sold to Concur, 2016.
Sponge CB Q&A platform. Sold to Kurtosys, 2011.
Divide CB Work hard, play hard. Sold to Google, 2014. CB Amazon of Canada. Sold to McKesson, 2017.
Stipple CB In-picture labeling. RIP.
2009 GroupCard CB Printable e-cards. Sold to InComm, 2010.
Mission Bicycle CB Bespoke fixies.
Inventables CB Marketplace for materials.
Typekit CB iTunes for web typography. Sold to Adobe, 2011. CB Your personal profile. Sold to AOL, 2010.
2008 RescueTime CB Personal computer analytics.
Foodzie CB Artisanal food marketplace. Sold to Joyus, 2012.
DailyBurn CB Personal health analytics. Sold to IAC, 2010.
2007 WeGame CB YouTube for gaming. Sold to Tagged, 2011.
2006 Sphere CB Semantic blog analysis. Sold to AOL, 2009.
2005 Automattic CB Founder.


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